-Viscount Unicycle Saddle
-Thick sock a little longer than the saddle (hiking socks are good). I have used an ugly patterned sock that was originally a present.
-slightly thicker screws than the supplied viscount bumper screws.


Additional ingredients
for air seat

-Inner Tube (size 12 1/2 inches)
-Electrical Tape
-Use a longer sock if you are making an air seat (the pictured red sock is a mid-calf explorer sock that has been stretched out quite a bit).

Step 1

Remove the bumpers and the seat post from your viscount unicycle saddle.

NOTE: For the sock saddle cover only, ignore the bits about the inner tube.


Step 2

Inflate the inner tube and tape it into a shape that resembles the top of the saddle.

Step 3

Starting at the front of the unicycle saddle, stretch the sock over the saddle. As you do this insert the inner tube so that the narrow end of the tube is at the front of the saddle.

The downside of using an inner tube on a viscount is that you have no easy access to the valve for changing pressure. I am yet to experiment with a valve extender and a hole drilled in the seat.

Step 4

Fold the remaining sock under the saddle and replace the bumpers, using the new thicker screws.


Step 5

Cut holes with a sharp knife for the four seat post bolts. If you are safety conscious cut the holes with a blunt spoon (this may not work as well as the sharp knife)

Step 6

Replace the seat post

Step 7

The completed air seat.

Step 7a

The completed sock saddle (without air).


Other Bits


-by wearing matching socks your unicycle instantly becomes a fashion accessory.

-using the sock inside-out will create a 'plush' finish.


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